Eternal Energy – A Guided Meditation

AUD $29.99 

A deep dive into the depths of who you are, and a guiding force to help you evolve beyond.
Featuring 5 stirring tracks focused on cultivating your centered energy, revealing darkness, creating light, unlocking sexual flow and finally returning you back to the energy of one.



A deep dive into who you are, and a guiding hand into evolving beyond.
This album features 5 stirring tracks focused on:
– Cultivating Centered Energy; the place of power within you.
– Revealing Darkness; bringing awareness to anxiety, fear and pain.
– Creating Light; cultivating love, peace and joy for all beings.
– Unlocking Sexual Flow; letting go of the Self, allowing the flow of sexual energy.
– Reconnecting to One Energy; developing your connection to all beings.
+ Bonus Intro Track; How to Use, Breathing Guide etc…
Total Run Time: 1 hour 15 mins.

Check out a video review of the album submitted by a first-week user!

Below you can check out a free album sample video! I demo a slice of each track & give a deeper explanation into what each track/the album is about.

See what other people are saying about their experience:

“I wouldn’t consider myself highly skilled at staying present to the moment, although tried a few guided meditations in the past.

However, with Adam’s product, I was able to concentrate so well.

The messages in this product are so powerful. The audio quality including the music and SFX is unlike anything I have ever experienced.

I found myself experiencing intense joy at various point through this series. I would recommend this product to literally anyone! After all, we all come from one eternal energy ;)”

— Joe, 32, United Kingdom.

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