EEP #7 – Brad Lancaster – How To Discover Human Connection

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Eternal Energy Podcast
Eternal Energy Podcast
EEP #7 - Brad Lancaster - How To Discover Human Connection

“The awkwardness & the anxiety that we feel, everyone feels the same thing as you, but it takes that one person to go out & create that environment, where now they can feel a little more open to connecting with you.”
@discoverconnection Brad runs a YouTube channel “Discover Connection” who’s mission is to explore the power of human connection & inspire people to connect face to face; he genuinely believes the power of human connection can solve all of the world’s unnatural problems. Brad has produced the single greatest video I’ve seen all year titled “Asking strangers to cook them dinner in THEIR kitchen” – our conversation today ranged from the back story behind this video, tactical advice on how to create connection and community, to the wild experiments within naked yoga/isolation/cold plunging that Brad has embraced on his journey to discovering what human connection really means.

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