EEP #13 – Michael Webber – Masks, Vax Concerns & Individual Freedom

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Eternal Energy Podcast
Eternal Energy Podcast
EEP #13 - Michael Webber - Masks, Vax Concerns & Individual Freedom

@Michael_webber90 is a Holistic Mind & Body Coach. Since 2012 he started out as a personal trainer, and continued to learn and grow to become a CHEK Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach. Certified Neuro Linguistic Programming and Timeline Therapy practitioner and Rehab Trainer. His desire to understand complete wellness has driven him to learn as much as he can about the human body, what influences it and how to find true health in such a diseased world. Michael is currently working at Roxby Downs providing the health and wellbeing program to the residents at Olympic Dam Mine site. Today’s conversation ranged from all the current “recommended health advice” and questioning the reasoning for those recommendations, along with a much larger discussion on individual freedom.

Connect With Mike:
IG: + the_wellness_rebellion

Show References:
– Geert Vanden Bossche Vax Concerns Video:

– JRE Episode: Bret Weinstein & Dr. Pierre Kory

Note: Michael accidentally mis-referenced the Moderna study regarding relative risk, originally stating “15,000 to prevent 1”, but went back and realised it was actually “15,000 to prevent 90”.

Time Stamps:
0:00 – Intro: Topics, Mike’s Bio & Disclaimer
4:51 – Vax Concerns
18:20 – The Accuracy of PCR Testing
28:25 – Lockdowns & Collateral Damage
31:53 – Dying From vs With COVID
36:37 – Diabetes Discussion
43:35 – Australia Operating In The Past
45:42 – Adam’s Personal Vax Position
46:51 – Mike’s Personal Vax Position
48:16 – Intelligence Decreases During Fear State
49:08 – Don’t Tell Anyone About Covid Experiment
50:30 – Death Rates of Life
55:32 – Alternatives to Lockdowns
58:24 – Taking Health & Giving It To The Unhealthy
1:06:26 – Steel Manning The Opposition’s Argument
1:10:33 – Creating More Vulnerable Through Lockdown
1:13:21 – Origins of Social Distancing Event 201
1:28:52 – The Ethical Questions of Lockdowns
1:31:52 – Vax Passports
1:41:50 – Freedom & Individual Liberty
1:51:59 – Masks and Their Effects On People
2:08:51 – The Danger of Centralised Power
2:11:06 – Lack of Clarity in Govt. Messaging
2:16:11 – Alternative Drugs
2:27:10 – Wrapping Message

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