EEP #10 – Adam Ooi – How to Harness Your Ego For Meaningful Work

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Eternal Energy Podcast
Eternal Energy Podcast
EEP #10 - Adam Ooi - How to Harness Your Ego For Meaningful Work

“Once you make this decision to wake up and become aware of your own Ego, you can never smack back, because smacking back takes you back, you need to love back, when you love back, it gives another a chance to love again.”
How to take control of your Ego i.e. who you think you are, and use it to become strong and serve the beings of this world. Today was a complete unpacking of what the Ego is, how its birth and death affects our lives and how we can manage the paradox of having an Ego, along with our true nature.

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Much peace and much joy!
Adam Ooi.

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