EEP #1 – Hanna -Love, Lust & Relationships

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Eternal Energy Podcast
Eternal Energy Podcast
EEP #1 - Hanna -Love, Lust & Relationships

Hanna is a creative fireball that has herself immersed in the world of lifestyle fashion, coffee, acting and modelling. In today’s session we dived into some FAQs that men are constantly asking me re: “What does a woman really mean when she says X?”. Hanna’s responses were in such alignment with the core principles I coach my male clients, and the session overall was of such depth. Enjoy!

Connect w/ Hanna: IG: @parisbluepapermoon / @runawaylunalifestyle Check out our previous work together on my other IG acc: @adamkyooi And keep up to date on my main IG @

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